Brittany Halpin, MS, CSCS, ACE-CHC

Hi, and welcome! I'm Brit, owner and creator of Be FIT By Brit. I'd like to begin by recognizing YOU. Whatever brought you here today, give yourself some credit for it. Each and every one of us has room to grow, but taking the reins on your health takes a great deal of strength and courage. It's not easy to make a lifestyle change, and I'm here to be your guide along this journey to optimal health.

I am a two-time Florida State University alumna with my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. I have worked in multiple health and wellness settings including physical therapy, athletics, sports nutrition, personal training and group fitness. Most recently, I managed a large-scale corporate fitness site serving thousands of employees with wellness and fitness programs. My nutrition coaching experience began at an orthopedic center, where I guided and counseled clients in healthy, sustainable weight loss and maintenance. I continued fueling all types of people, from athletes and military to general population. For the last few years I've lived my passion of instructing fitness classes for all levels, ranging from strength, HIIT, circuit training and boot camp, to spin, Barre, Pilates and stand-up paddle board.


 I'm a dog lover, military wife and coffee enthusiast with a drive for helping others overcome personal obstacles and achieve success through one-on-one health and wellness coaching services. I focus my practice on an individualized, holistic approach so that you can gain optimal results that last a lifetime.

FIT Coaching Philosophy

My FIT Philosophy outlines the basic strategies I will use to coach you to your highest level of success.

Weight Lifting


In order to move in the direction of progress, you must first create a sturdy foundation. What are your personal (short-term and long-term) goals? How do they align with your own personal values and visions for success? Let's develop your foundation and map out your goals together!

Mudra Meditation


Your mind and body are very powerful allies. In order to keep them connected, you must create a positive mindset. Can you accept yourself no matter where you’re at in the process? Your attitudes will reflect in your actions and affect the health and wellness choices you make. 

Running Shoes


Have you ever heard of anyone getting anywhere without a little trial and error? Here is your time to make peace with your failures. Together we will identify your barriers to success and evaluate strategies to overcome them. The beauty of this process is that we get up after we fall, and we try again!

*Please check with your doctor before making any drastic fitness or nutrition-related lifestyle changes.