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Brittany Barbosa

Hi, and welcome! I'm Brit (AKA Brittany), owner and creator of Be FIT by Brit. I'd like to begin by recognizing YOU. Whatever brought you here today, give yourself some credit for it. Each and every one of us has room to grow, but taking the reins on your health takes a great deal of strength and courage. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's talk about who I am and why I'm qualified to help YOU live your best life. 

I am a two-time Florida State University alumna with my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. I have worked in multiple health and wellness settings such as physical therapy, athletics, sports nutrition, personal training and group fitness. Most recently, I managed a large-scale corporate fitness site serving thousands of employees with wellness and fitness programs. My nutrition coaching experience began at an orthopedic center, where I guided and counseled clients in healthy weight loss and weight maintenance in order to receive orthopedic surgery. I continued my nutrition experience by fueling all types of people, from athletes and military to general population. Currently, I instruct group fitness classes ranging from strength, HIIT, circuit training and boot camp, to spin, Barre and Pilates. I am also a consultant with an all-natural company called Arbonne, which promotes pure, safe, and beneficial products for overall health and wellness, inside and out. I am a dog lover, military fiancé and coffee enthusiast with a drive for helping others overcome personal obstacles and achieve success through one-on-one fitness and nutrition services. I focus my practice on an individualized, holistic approach so that you can gain optimal results that last a lifetime.

Take a few minutes to browse through my site and the services I offer. You can find descriptions of different health plans, testimonials from previous and current clients, workout videos, my Be FIT Blog, my Arbonne page with links to learn about products, and more. You can contact me via the tab above with any questions, comments, or concerns.

*Please check with your doctor before making any drastic fitness or nutrition-related changes to your lifestyle.