The Secret to LOSING Weight on Vacation

You haven't heard from me in a couple weeks because I took some time for myself. I furthered my career by obtaining my Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification from the NSCA, and then celebrated with a 10-day vacation to Europe with my amazing boyfriend. If you ever get the chance to visit the countries of Italy, Greece, and Portugal, I would highly recommend it!

So I'm sure you're beaming in your seat right now wondering how it is that I managed to lose weight in countries that are famous for their wine, pasta, Gelato, and gyros. I'm glad you asked; here are my top 5 recommendations to staying healthy while you are on vacation.

1. Pack a resistance band

Resistance bands are small, lightweight, and easy to pack. They are also functional training tools that allow you to reap the maximum benefits of a workout with limited equipment and space. (Keep an eye out! I will be posting my resistance band workout routine later this week, perfect for the hotel room.)

2. Be flexible

Traveling usually means that things won't always go the way you've planned. But that's okay! That's the beauty of being spontaneous. One of our flights was delayed to Rome, meaning we would only have a day and a half to explore the city rather than the two days we had planned. Instead of sitting around thinking "are we there yet," I explored the airport! You can get in a lot more steps than you realize just trying to find your way back to the gate. (Bonus points for running to catch your next flight.)

3. Find unique, fun ways to stay active

Exploring a new city by foot is not only your healthiest alternative, but you'll also stumble across things you wouldn't otherwise find in a bus or taxi. The most delicious local restaurants and cute handmade gift shops are typically off the beaten path. Grab some water, rent a bike, or even book a local excursion like scuba diving, surfing, or hiking up a volcano. This is your chance to turn your daily workout routine into an adventure!

4. Don't deprive yourself

The best memories come from trying new things, and you might regret coming back from Greece having never tried traditional homemade Baklava (my mouth is still watering from that Baklava). Keep in mind that you are experiencing a whole new world of opportunities - you deserve to have that extra scoop of Gelato every once in a while! There are ways to enjoy your life without overdoing it. Everything in moderation.

5. There is no secret to losing weight, and there never will be

The weight I lost in Europe was not because of any secret. There is no magic pill, food, or workout that will give you the body you want (so stop believing pseudoscience articles that tell you otherwise). I simply lost muscle because I was no longer lifting weights and I walked everywhere I went. That was weight I actually WANTED and am now working on rebuilding - it's what makes me strong!

Have you tried one of my recommendations? What are your thoughts on staying healthy on vacation? Share with me below or find me on Instagram @fit.bybrit!

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