Why Dieting is Like Dating

We're all different.

Before y'all think I've completely lost my mind with this title, I'd like to offer you a fresh perspective on dieting: it is a short-term fix on a lifelong journey to health, happiness, and food freedom. Last week we clarified our relationship with being FIT; now let's talk about our relationship with FOOD. Why exactly is dieting like dating?

IT WORKS...until it doesn't.

Or you find something that works for you and it lasts forever. Ditching the "diet" mentality is KEY to finding long-term success. How are we supposed to remain consistent if all we can think about is the restrictions, the calorie counting, the "eat this, not that" lists? In order to make a lifestyle change, we should be focusing on what we CAN eat and what we CAN do, rather than what we CAN'T.

What works for me might not work for you.

We are all built differently and it is MEANT to be this way. Each of us has a unique genetic profile that determines the way our bodies react to the environment and to the food we eat. This relationship between our genes, nutrition, and overall health is the science of nutrigenomics. Essentially, this explains why some people are able to maintain a high-fat diet while others may suffer from high cholesterol levels.

Your emotions are REAL.

Hope, guilt, satisfaction, fear: your relationship with food is not feeling-free. This is why we crave certain foods in specific situations. (A glass of wine after a stressful day? Yes, please!) Our emotions are tightly linked to the way we eat, and different foods satisfy different emotional needs. This is the biggest reason why diets tend to fail. Not because of you, but because of our innate desire to attain immediate results, and the dissatisfaction that tends to follow "cheat days," vacations, holidays, or illnesses. You don't fail because LIFE gets in the way! That's where your diet fails YOU.

Someone once told me, "I am surprised that Americans think of 'diets' as a verb. All around the world, people refer to 'diets' simply as what they eat." The truth is, that's all it has to be.

My goal is to free you from the captive chains of a controlling and vicious cycle that leads to overcompensation and brings you right back to the start line. I want to empower you in finding BALANCE in your life rather than the back-and-forth swing of a yo-yo dieting cycle. I am a strong advocate of less fad diets - and more listening to your body!

Stop dating your diet and let's find something that lasts for YOU. Reach out to me via the "Contact" tab above, subscribe to my blog, or follow me on social media for tips, recipes, workouts, and more!